Esperanza Arts Center Welcomes Daniel de Jesús as Music Education & Community Relations Director 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Philadelphia, PA – September 13, 2021. Esperanza Arts Center Welcomes Daniel de Jesús as Music Education & Community Relations Director. 

Hunting Park’s Esperanza Arts Center welcomes Daniel de Jesús as the Music Education & Community Relations Director. Daniel brings more than 15 years of teaching artist and program development experience, including the coaching and instruction of Esperanza students performing alongside members of The Philadelphia Orchestra at Teatro Esperanza in 2019. 

“We’re excited that Daniel has joined the Esperanza Arts Center team as our new Music Education & Community Relations Director,” said Bill Rhoads, Senior Vice President of Esperanza Arts Center. Daniel will also serve as Executive Director for Artistas y Musicos Latino Americanos (AMLA), which provides music education and supports Latino artists in the region within the Esperanza family of non-profits and institutions. “Daniel will undoubtedly play an invaluable role in expanding AMLA’s offerings and reach into the community, as well as in engaging local residents and AMLA students in the oversight of, and participation in, EAC’s diverse portfolio of programs.” 

Daniel’s commitment to inspiring the next generation of young artists and artistic experiences is clear: “As an artist and Boricua, I am very proud of the Latino leaders who created AMLA as a space to educate, promote, and preserve our culture. I wholeheartedly believe in AMLA’s mission to elevate our community through music and meaningful collaborations, and the expanded vision and platform for our emerging artists that EAC provides.” 

“It’s a unique opportunity when you can hire an accomplished artist that our young people can identify with as the person who will mentor, challenge, and encourage them to pursue excellence in the arts day after day,” shares AMLA Board Chair and Executive Vice President for Esperanza, Reverend Danny Cortés. “Daniel’s skillsets in composition, curriculum development, youth engagement and accomplishment within a range of multi-disciplinary arts are a true asset.” 

Daniel de Jesús received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from The University of the Arts in 2004. Daniel is also an accomplished composer, singer, and cellist with eight studio recordings. Daniel has performed with orchestras and rock bands both regionally and worldwide with collaborations that include performance artist David Antonio Cruz, singer-songwriter Courtlyn Carr, and playwright Andrew Albert Garcia. In their previous role at Taller Puertorriqueño, Daniel de Jesús led instruction and managed the Youth Artist Program.  

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Esperanza Arts Center (EAC) fosters positive social change in, the Hunting Park neighborhood and the Latino community through the arts. EAC is a leading center for Latino arts and culture in the Philadelphia region – presenting music, dance, theater, cinema, and visual art from Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as a broad spectrum of traditions from around the world. Since opening in 2018, more than 8,000 attendees have viewed EAC’s quality live stream and in-house performances. 

Artístas y Músicos Latino Americanos (AMLA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) arts and artist’s organization founded in 2006 in North Philadelphia. It is a subsidiary corporation of Esperanza. The mission of AMLA is to promote the development, dissemination and understanding of Latin American music and culture in the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley Region with a strong emphasis on youth. 

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