“Sueño de Reyes” (“Dream of the Kings”)

About the Exhibit: A Message from Tato González

Certainly, the essence of this artistic exhibition is the Holy Kings, whose faces manifest expressions of adoration, joy, and gratitude to God for the privilege of guiding them to the place where His Son Jesus, the Messiah, was born. My devotion to the Kings brings me a sense of joy and respect whenever I offer them a work of art. Many years of dedication to them gave me the confidence and fluidity to achieve the emotions and moods of the characters. One can appreciate the charm of their garments decorated with luminous and varied embroideries. The crowns, a distinctive symbol of the majesty of the Kings, of their nobility and greatness, do not exempt them from great humility, which is manifested in their gazes and reverences before the King of kings. Coated with silver paint, their crowns represent generosity and hope. Their closed eyes, which can be appreciated in many of the works, are signs of praise, respect, and veneration.

These are artistic pieces made in mixed media, using the linear technique with graphite pencil and black and silver acrylic paint. The fusion allows for the appreciation of dynamism and movement in each of the works. The graphite pencil is responsible for the mid-tone effect and the light’s reflection. On the other hand, the silver accentuates the brightness and gives splendor to every detail, achieving a touch of modernism in each piece.

Finally, I cannot overlook that during the creation of these art pieces, I was transported to the years of work of my father, Luis R. “Tato” González León. I honor the memory of someone who was an excellent professional photographer and master in the application of light and shadow. He retouched each negative before developing the photos. I brought him to my memory as many times as I could perceive in my works, an effect very similar to that of the plastic sheets of the negative of the photos he worked on, especially when the light hit them.

There was no need for color to achieve details, lights, depth, subtlety, volume, and other effects in the set of thousands of lines traced in the pieces of art that make up this exhibition, and which were made with much respect and admiration, to the prominent characters who had the honor of seeking, finding, and offering gifts to the Redeemer of the world. The tradition of the Epiphany is kept alive in the homeland that saw me born, Puerto Rico. My commitment is to make it known in every place where I have the opportunity to exhibit my art. Enjoy the exhibition “Sueño de Reyes” (“Dream of the Three Kings.”)

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About the Artist:

Luis “Tato” González Almodóvar is an artist and educator renowned for his skill in various artistic disciplines such as engraving, painting, sculpture, and drawing. Born on December 31, 1960, in Ponce, Puerto Rico, his passion for visual arts emerged at an early age, significantly influenced by his father, who was also an artist. This inclination led him to immerse himself in the artistic world in 1974 when he joined the Miguel Pou School of Visual Arts in Playa de Ponce. His talent and commitment to art were evident in 1980 when he won the first prize in the painting contest at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, earning him a scholarship to study fine arts. He graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Graphic Arts and Secondary Education.


Throughout his career, González has been recognized for his realistic style, particularly for his prints and Puerto Rican landscapes, including sugar mills and rural and coastal scenes. González has made his mark not only as an artist but also as an educator and cultural promoter. He has worked at the Center for Educational Technology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, was an illustrator in the Educational Region of Ponce, and a visual arts educator in the Department of Public Instruction and the Corporation for Urban and Housing Renewal. He served as teacher and coordinator of cultural activities at the Dr. Alfredo M. Aguayo High School in Playa de Ponce and he was a visual arts teacher at Ponce High School for 33 years. In 2017, González retired, and since then has fully dedicated himself to exhibiting his work in various countries in North and South America. Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards, notably being proclaimed as “Illustrious Person in the Visual Arts” by his hometown of Ponce, Puerto Rico in 2022. His work has crossed borders, including international projects like “El Sudario de la Ceiba de Ponce” (“The Shroud of the Ceiba of Ponce.”) González has significantly contributed to Puerto Rican culture through murals, scenic design, and cultural projects, marking his legacy as a pillar in the world of art and education in Puerto Rico.

"Todas mis obras han sido soñadas" "All my works have been dreamed."



David Heitur – Dream Art Studio | Photography

José Antonio Rivera | Logistics and Coordination

Manuel Bravo | Construction and Set Up Luis

Orlando Cruz | Lighting

Zafka Banks Christensen | Sculptures


Esperanza Academy Students | Sculptures:

Diany Reyes

Julia Cruz

Isabel Fontánez

Maia Donald

Emely Bueno

Kevin Sáez



Prof. Maritza Figueroa Fernández

Iraida Rodríguez-Negrón, Museo de Arte de Ponce

Damalich González Rosa

Kathian González Rosa

Normaris Berastain González

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