In-Person Events

Be sure to check out our First Time Guests and House Rules online resources for helpful tips and other important information.\


What age do I need to be to be eligible for a free student or senior ticket?


Free tickets are available for “Students” of ANY age (with a valid ID for students over 18) and “Senior” adults over 60.


How do I purchase a ticket or subscription?


Reserve your single ticket, register for an event, or purchase series packages and season subscriptions on our website. If you have a coupon or promotion code, you can apply it during checkout. If the event offers reserved-seating, you can choose your seat location when purchasing your ticket. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Where do I park my car?


Esperanza offers ample free parking on our campus within close walking distance to the main entrance of Teatro Esperanza. The parking lot is accessible on Bristol Street between North 3rd and North 5th Streets. HERE is a campus map and detailed directions.


How do I get to Esperanza Arts Center using public transportation?


Esperanza is located along the 47, 53, and 4 SEPTA bus routes. If taking the 53, get off at the stop on the corner of Hunting Park and 5th. If taking the 47, get off at the stop on the corner of 5th and Bristol. If taking the 4, get off at the stop on the corner of 9th and Hunting Park and proceed to 5th Street.


What do I need to know if I’m part of a live-studio audience for a livestreamed/broadcast performance?


As part of our live studio audience, you will be able to see our artists and experience our performances up close and in person! In addition to courtesy expected at any live performance, since this is a live broadcast, it’s important that guests remain seated while we are on the air.


Late seating will only occur when the program is ‘off air’, at which time, our ushers will assist you in finding your seat. If you do need to exit the Teatro during a broadcast and you’re seated on the left side of the hall, please walk quietly up to the back row of the theater, walk across the back row, and then down the right hand aisle. An usher will then escort you out of the hall.


Please do not walk on the stage or in front of the cameras during the broadcast.


Is Teatro Esperanza accessible to guests with special needs?


All are welcome to Esperanza Arts Center! Teatro Esperanza is located street-level and is elevator accessible should patrons enter the lobby from a higher floor. Our front rows are reserved for wheelchair and limited mobility guests. All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.


We offer Assisted Listening Devices for every performance. Please contact our box office at boxoffice@esperanza.us when you place your ticket order to reserve Assisted Listening Devices, and seating to accommodate your needs. Our Ushers are available throughout the performance to assist you and to address any questions or concerns.




  • Tickets will be available for general admission advanced purchase only. Esperanza Arts Center’s box office will assign seating for individuals and groups (as well as special needs patrons) in accordance with mandated capacity restrictions and social distancing guidelines. Ushers will lead guests to their assigned seats the day of the performance.


  • The line for every event will cue down the main hallway. Each ticketholder must occupy marked spaces 6 feet apart from one another while waiting in line.


  • Patrons on the cued line will be instructed to enter the lobby one by one (or one quarantined bubble at a time) to check-in at the box office table. Once the ticket-buyer is registered, an Usher will guide them to their assigned seats one at a time. When the previous ticket-buyer has been escorted into the hall, the next person in line will be instructed to check-in at the box office table.


  • Restrooms can only by occupied by one user (or a parent and child) at a time. Monitors at the entrance of each restroom will manage flow and enforce occupancy limits.


  • There will be no intermission during presentations. Maximum duration for performances will be 60 minutes. If guests need to use the restroom while the show is in progress, Ushers will escort them out of and back into the theater.


  • When the event concludes, attendees are to remain seated. Ushers will escort guest to the exit by row one party at a time.


  • Only small, clear bags will be permitted in the theater to ensure a little contact as possible by security for bag check.


  • No outside food and beverages are permitted anywhere in the Center and must be discarded when entering.


  • All surfaces and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every event in the Arts Center.


Streamed Events


How do I register for an online event or purchase a ticket for a streamed performance?


All events are listed on EsperanzaArtCenter.us. Click on the TICKET link from the event page on our website. Then place your order or register for your virtual performance.


OK, I purchased my ticket for the streamed performance. How do I access the online event?


Following your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email (and another reminder email closer to the broadcast date). This email will provide a link to the stream and your personal access code. Click on the stream link and enter the access code provided on our Showclix streaming platform. Then the video will appear on your computer or smartphone screen.


I’m a subscriber. How do I access streamed performances in my subscription?


Once you purchase your subscription, you will receive a subscription purchase receipt and then a confirmation email for each event that is part of your subscription package (you’ll also receive an email reminder closer to each broadcast date). Each email will provide a link to the streamed performance and your personal access code. Click on the link and enter the access code provided. Then the video will appear on your computer or smartphone screen.


How can I watch EAC streamed events on my TV?


Audiences can directly connect a personal computer to a TV using an HDMI or other cable. Find detailed instructions here.
You can also enhance your experience by streaming the performance to a TV via Chromecast, Apple TV, AirPlay, and Amazon Fire TV.


What internet browser should I use to view my stream?


We recommend viewing your performances through the following browsers. Make sure you update your internet browser to the latest version to optimize your experience!



  • Recommended
    • Chrome v81 and higher
    • Firefox v76 and higher
  • Also Supported
    • Safari v8 and higher for Mac
    • Edge v12 and higher for Windows
    • Chrome v31-v80 for all


  • Recommended
    • Chrome 81 or higher for Android
    • Safari 13 and higher for iOS


Here are download links to our recommended browsers:

How do I participate in the online artist Q&A during or following the performance?


Interact with other viewers and ask our featured artists questions using the chat function on our Showclix streaming platform. The chat window will be available during the streamed performance after you enter your access code and begin viewing the streamed event.


Can I record or download my streamed events and performances?


It is not permissible to download or record any streamed performance due to copyright restrictions.


Wow! I really loved that show. Can I enjoy the streamed performance at a later date?


Select previously streamed performances will be made available on-demand directly from our website for you to view at your convenience. Check back frequently to browse our new releases at EsperanzaArtsCenter.us.


How do I redeem a discount/promotion code?


Enter your code in the ‘Coupon/Promo Code’ box when it appears during checkout.


What if I purchased a ticket but wasn’t able to attend a livestreamed performance?


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. We would be happy to exchange your unused ticket for an upcoming streamed event. Or, consider donating the amount of your ticket to support Esperanza Arts Center’s mission to present the very best in Latino arts and culture.


My streamed video won’t play/looks terrible. What can I do?


A slow internet connection could be the problem. Check your location and the number of devices connected to your network. Both of these factors can slow things down. You may also want to try refreshing your browser.

A weak internet connection can also cause issues. Check the strength of your device; if it is low, try moving closer to your WIFI router.

Please be sure the device or internet browser you are using meets the system requirements for streaming performances (see above).

For consistent, high-quality streams, we recommend the following internet speeds:


  • 5.0 Mbps for high definition content
  • 25.0 Mbps for 4K UHD content