First Time Guests

Purchasing your tickets

Buying tickets or reserving your seat is required for a live performance or screening. Be sure to check your ticket when you buy It to ensure all Information is correct because tickets are non-refundable.


Dress Code

Our patrons usually dress in smart casual attire for most performances and exhibitions. If you are celebrating something special by all means dress for the occasion! However, we’d rather have you come in jeans than not come at all out of concern for how you are dressed. Always remove your hat. If you must wear a hat and leave it on, make sure it is small and will not block anyone’s view. While we keep the thermostat set at 70-74 degrees (F), it is still frequently chilly in the teatro, even in the summer months. Bring a sweater, jacket, shawl, or sport coat.


See our House Rules for expected conduct and behavior