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Bodas de Sangre

Frederico Garcia Lorca’s

Teatro Quarantine 

Esperanza Arts Center presents Teatro Quarantine’s production of Lorca’s seminal work for the stage as you’ve never experienced it before – produced virtually with actors and sets in remote locations. In the face of the current lockdown, necessity has again become the mother of invention and innovation as every actor has become their own costume designer, set designer, lighting designer, technical director, and crew member. The result? A gathering of incredible artists to create a unique fully virtual production of Bodas de Sangre! Bilingual, online, and full of DUENDE!  

October 7 – November 18 
7pm every Wednesday  


October 7  

Plena Libre 
Plena & Bomba from Puerto Rico  


Bodas de Sangre 
Teatro Quarantine 
Episode 1

Directed and produced by Tanaquil Márquez and edited and co-produced by Gagik Arshák. Starring Yajaira Paredes, Anthony Diaz, Daniela Malave with original music by Guy West and Daniel de Jesús.  

Esta noche you will meet La Madre, El Novio y La Vecina. El Novio tells his mother about his recent engagement, yet she doesn’t seem very happy. Her concerns grow when she talks with her neighbor. 

  WATCH: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=231076424879849


October 14  

Ensemble Murgier
Tango & Folk Music  


Bodas de Sangre 
Teatro Quarantine 
Episode 2  

Starring Lorenza Bernasconi, Daniela Malave, Daniel Melo, Suleyka Gomez and little Selena McKenna. Music by Daniel de Jesús and Guy West. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez and edited by Gagik Arshak.  

Esta noche you will meet The Wife, her mother and Leonardo, el do Los Felíx. Why is Leonardo upset about his wife’s cousin getting married? 

WATCH: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3092600730805891


October 21  

Bodas de Sangre 
Teatro Quarantine 
Episode 3

Directed by Tanaquil Márquez, assistant directed by Yajaira Paredes and edited by Gagik Arshak. Starring Yajaira Paredes, Joel Guerrero, Arianne Bracho Hernandez, Tanaquil Márquez y Anthony Diaz.  

 Esta noche new characters come into play when both wedding parties meet. 

 WATCH: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=908392746292724


October 28  

Bodas de Sangre
Teatro Quarantine
Episode 4    

Bodas de Sangre Act II. Starring Yajaira Paredes, Arianne Bracho, Joel Guerrero, Lorenza Bernasconi, Daniel Melo, Anthony Diaz, Betsai Gomez, Krystal Rosa, and Emily Fernandez. With cameos by Victor Rodriguez, Estella Felder, Gustavo Luna, Mario Segovia, Lici Gomez, David Gomez, Gael Gomez, and  Katarina Gomez. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez, assistant-directed by Yajaira Paredes and edited by Gagik Ashark, with music by Daniel de Jesús.  

Esta noche you are invited to the wedding of La Novia y El Novio! Everyone will be attending, including Leonardo with unfinished business to layout. 

WATCH: https://www.facebook.com/112909583733067/videos/365753181057654


November 4  

Bodas de Sangre 
Teatro Quarantine 
Episode 5  

Starring Yajaira Paredes, Arianne Bracho, Tanaquil Márquez, Victor Rodriguez, Lorenza Bernasconi, Daniel Melo, Anthony Diaz, Krystal Rosa, and Emily Fernandez. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez and edited by Gagik Ashark.  

Esta noche tension builds with the newlyweds, their families and bloodlines. Boundaries are crossed and an impulse decision unravels a lifetime of regret.   

WATCH: https://youtu.be/I5uLugBXufY  


November 11  

Bodas de Sangre
Teatro Quarantine 
Episode 6  

Bodas de Sangre Act III. Starring William Márquez, Isabel Sazak, Daniel de Jesus, Tanaquil Márquez, Daniel Melo y Anthony Diaz. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez and edited by Gagik Ashark.  

Esta noche La Novia y Leonardo escape into the forest, tragedy follows as La Luna y La Bendiga intervene. 

WATCH: https://youtu.be/c02klL_LVZg


November 18  

Bodas de Sangre 
Teatro Quarantine 
Episode 7

Starring Yajaira Paredes, Arianne Bracho, Tanaquil Márquez, Lorenza Bernasconi, Daniela Malave, Betsai Gomez, Daniel de Jesus, Krystal Rosa, and Emily Fernandez. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez and edited by Gagik Ashark.  

Esta noche La Novia confronts La Madre as the women in the village enter to pay their respects. Now it is time for La Madre to make a decision, what will she choose?  

WATCH: https://youtu.be/wmxakVLqR_g


October 7, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 07:30 pm
Wed , Oct 07
07:00 pm
Wed , Nov 18
07:30 pm