Copy of Virtual Latino Arts Festival

Esperanza Arts Center presents our first Virtual Latino Arts Festival, celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with streamed performances by Latino artists and traditions from around the world. 

September 16

Son Luna y Jóvenes Zapateadores

A journey through a wide diversity of rhythms and traditions that gave rise to the Son Jarocho genre in the Mexican State of Veracruz.


September 23 

Afro-Brazilian Music & Dance 

Ologundê ensemble celebrates the rich Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador, Bahia through a diverse repertoire of music, dance, and martial arts.


September 30 

Remojo Remixed

REMOJO, Pregones/PRTT’s sneak peek at works in progress goes digital, giving audiences a chance to get up close and personal with Latinx theater, music, dance, and film/media artists. 


October 7

Plena Libre 
Plena & Bomba from Puerto Rico 

Four-time Grammy Award nominees combine a hard-hitting horn section, master hand drummers, and lush three-part vocal harmonies into a modern blend.


October 14

Ensemble Murgier 
Tango & Folk Music

Led by Argentine musical polymath and composer, Pablo Murgier, Ensemble Murgier represents a meeting point between avant-garde tango, jazz, and Latin American popular music.

Tune in HERE, or at Facebook.com/Teatro Esperanza

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